Teams require coordination. When you’re managing the coordinate with a shared Excel spreadsheet, it’s easy for things to go off the rails. The file gets deleted, or changed in subtle ways. Errors creep in. Did John update the document? Who knows?

Wrangler enables you to coordinate your team in a manner that is repeatable, auditable, and accountable. Dispatch tickets to task owners, measure your response time, and generate Excel reports without manually fiddling around.

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Get to work

When your team member starts on a task, she can mark her activity in Wrangler, provide updates, ask questions, and attach documents. If the task involved reporting data, the worker can report that in a structured form that goes into the generated Excel spreadsheet for the project.

Trust, but verify

For mission critical tasks, you need to check your work. Define a verification stage which can require the project administrator or another team member to verify the task has been completed and computed data is correct. Electronic sign-off can be enforced before publishing results to a larger audience.

No software to install

Wrangler is provided as a “cloud application” meaning you have nothing to install, no networking to set up, or other hassles to get started. Just fire up a standard web browser and you’re good to go!