Designer? Presenter? Programmer? Chances are, you have color palettes to keep up with. Maybe a lot of color palettes. Swatch lets you organize your palettes by project, client, or whatever makes sense to you. You can then grab the colors in whatever format you need to work across all your applications and projects.
Swatch is available in the Mac App Store.

Import colors

Grab colors from existing PDF and PowerPoint documents, from HTML or CSS code on your clipboard, or use the Apple color picker. You can also enter color values manually.

Export them all…

Copy as text: get the whole palette and get an easy-to-work-with blob of text suitable for manipulation in code.

Copy as an image: generate a swatch of the entire palette for use to email, Slack, or drop into your graphics environment for work.

… or pick one

You can use the Apple color picker to browse or pick colors from your screen, you can enter color values manually, or you can import colors from data on your clipboard, including CSS and HTML text