Support Article: Install Reveal on Mac


System Requirements

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Getting Started

Open the download folder and run the Installer. After the application is installed you can run it from your Applications folder.

Reveal includes a “helper app” that works in the background, looking for new slide decks and changes to slide decks. It will find and re-process slides as you work in PowerPoint or Keynote. When you are not working, the helper app keeps to itself.

The helper app is found in your menu bar and enables you to launch a new search via the Search… command, or re-run previous searches. Clicking any of these menu items will open the Bit Lasso Reveal application if it is not open.

After installation, Reveal will begin scanning your home directory for slide files. This can take a little bit of time to run; when you open Reveal you will see a progress message when the initial scan is running. For large libraries (10,000+ slides), the initial scan may take 30 minutes on a modest MacBook computer.


If you need to uninstall Reveal from your machine, use the following instructions:

  1. Quit Reveal and the Reveal helper if either application is open. (You can Quit the helper from the menu bar icon.)
  2. Move the following files to the Trash:
    /Applications/Bit Lasso Reveal
    /Library/Application Support/Bit Lasso Reveal
  3. Open System Preferences > Users & Groups and verify the RevealHelper login item is removed.
  4. Inside your home directory, remove:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Bit Lasso Reveal

Note that removing the above files will remove your database. If you later reinstall Reveal, it will need to rebuild its index.

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