You live in slides. You need to be able to find specific slides rapidly and visually. Now you can view hundreds of slides when you search, easily throw away search results you don't want, and zero in on what you need—all in mere seconds. Quickly view neighboring slides, grab images from your slides, and start new searches by image, variations of slides, file paths or folder names, file names, and more!

Reveal automatically figures out how your slides are related and organizes them when you do a search. You don't have to do anything—no manual organizing or tagging. Reveal adjusts to how you work.

You can rapidly look at up to 1,000 slides on a desktop monitor and narrow down your search. It can be hard to remember what you should search for, but much easier to spot it visually. Reveal works great on screens of all sizes—from the 12" MacBook to giant desktop monitors.

Download Mac Public Beta

Download Reveal 2.0.7 (Oct 10, 2018)

You can use Reveal for free to try up to 30 searches.

Try it and if you love it, you can buy Reveal here for just $59!

Who Uses Reveal?

Professors and researchers use Reveal to prepare class lectures and presentations for meetings and conferences. Marketers and graphic designers use Reveal to find and compare slides for analysts, customers, and sales teams. Sales professionals often customize slides for customers, leading to significant slide sprawl--and finding those slides is easy with Reveal.

Features and Benefits

Instantly find slides, visually

Without Reveal: Finder search shows only the slide covers.
With Reveal: Search results show you the actual slides, not just the first slide of the deck.

Different versions of the same slide are grouped together, making it easy to jump right to the slide you want.

Meet the neighbors

Sometimes when searching, you'll realize you actually want the slide before one that you found. Or was it after it? With Reveal, you can quickly poke around at neighboring slides without launching a new search. And if you want to see all those neighboring slide variations, you can kick off a search for those right from the menu without clicking.

Where am I?

Rapidly jump into any parent folder in the Finder or kick off a new search and see all the slides within that folder.

Find related slides

Sometimes you don't want to search by keyword; you want to see all the slides you have related to a deck. Maybe a deck you are working on in PowerPoint right now. With Reveal, it's a cinch to search for your open related decks. You can also "open" a deck with Reveal to kick off a search for related decks, right from the Finder.

Go pro

Limit your search to specific folders, file name patterns, or a date range. You can key in advanced search features or use the pop-up to help build complex queries.

Open says me

Jump right to the slide you want in PowerPoint or Keynote, so you can get back to working on your presentation right away. Reveal will tell PowerPoint or Keynote which slide deck to open and which slide to jump to!

Compare slides

Any slide can be sent to the compare window with a keystroke or mouse click. Send an entire group and scroll through. From within the compare window, you can do all the same operations you can in the search window--jump to a deck in the Finder, or open right to the slide in PowerPoint or Keynote.

Multiple heads are better than one

With Reveal 2.0, you can open multiple search windows--keep one set of results open while digging for another set.

And much more:

Search History: Easily go back to any search, just as you would in a web browser.

Wallpaper: Pick your favorite look from a variety of wallpapers.

Multi-Drive: Configure Reveal to scan slides across your various hard drives.

Secure and private

You don't need to sign up for an "account" or pay a monthly subscription to use Reveal on your computer. Your documents stay right where you have them, safe and secure on your computer.

Reveal is for you if...

Presentations are critical to your work.
You must quickly find crucial information that is buried in presentations.
You have multiple versions of the same slide or presentation.
You use the same or similar slides in a variety of presentations.
You work in PowerPoint or Keynote.

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