Developers often need to search, so why are all the existing search tools so bad for programmers? How vague can you search with your existing tools? Quick, show me the function that involves 'colors' and 'files'! Should you search for 'menuItems' or 'theItems'? Who knows?

CodeSearch lets you search across multiple lines in source code and shows your search results by filesystem hierarchy. You can see the matching lines from the file and visually get a sense of how to narrow your search. You can define workspaces that correspond to any folder or Git repository you have checked out on your machine. Quickly include or exclude results by file extension, narrow in on a specific term, and more.

CodeSearch is available in the Mac App Store.

Configure Workspaces

Pre-define your common workspaces and switch between them with Cmd-1,2,3.

Imprecise Matching

CodeSearch searches entire files for the terms you have searched for, regardless of whether the terms are all found on the same line. Narrow your search with file: and folder: predicates, such as file:swift or folder:grfx.

Visual Results

View the results visually, close folders that you don't need, and get a visual feel for where your matches are within the context of the source tree.