About Bit Lasso

Your best work. Made easier.

Bit Lasso was founded by me, Mitch Haile, software creator. I have extensive experience designing software for data systems in corporate environments. I was an early engineer at ground-breaking compression company Data Domain; I later co-founded virtual machine backup company Pancetera, which we sold to Quantum, a respected data backup company.

My experience as an engineer, an executive, a communicator, and product designer has helped me see a number of missing parts to the experience of doing your best work, and I'm working to fill those needs with a set of tools for professionals who strive for excellence.

Swatch: I generally work with a graphics artist to determine a corporate look, which of course includes colors. Usually this means a PDF file somewhere with some hex codes. Unfortunately, I can never find this file and it's a huge distraction to go look for it.

Reveal: I've built a significant number of PowerPoint decks. Over the years, I realized that I was spending a lot of time searching for slides: "Has anyone seen the green competition slide we made last quarter?" It's frustrating when you can't find a slide you want to use. It's a time sink to look for slides manually, and if you end up re-creating a slide, you've wasted even more time. As a speaker, I always want to share my best work—which means focusing on my talk and not digging through files. I want to step onto the stage with confidence about what I'm going to say and show; not stressed because I couldn't find my best materials. With Reveal, I've created a new way to find your slides rapidly, so you can build your best materials and be the most dynamic presenter you can be. Every time.

Custom engineering

When it comes to business workflows, working with slides can get pretty complicated. Bit Lasso offers customized solutions for customers who need more.

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