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Download Reveal 1.2.2 (March 1, 2017)

What does "Public Beta" mean? I want to make the best possible product and need your help doing it! Give it a try and send me your feedback at

You can use Reveal for free during the public beta period. The current download will expire April 15, 2017. After the expiration, a license will be needed to continue using it beyond the free trial mode (30 searches).

Try it, tell me what you think, and if you love it, you can buy Reveal during the public beta for a discounted price of $49.


Reveal automatically figures out how your slides are related and displays them to you in "stacks" when you do a search. You don't have to do anything--no manual library building or organizing. Reveal adjusts to how you work.

Reveal is for you if...

Presentations are critical to your work.
You must quickly find critical information that is buried in presentations.
You have multiple versions of the same slide or presentation.
You use the same or similar slides in a variety of presentations.
You work in PowerPoint or Keynote.

Features and Benefits

Instantly find slides, visually

Without Reveal: Finder search shows slide covers, but we can't see the actual slide that matched the query!
With Reveal: Search results show the actual slides matched, not the first slide of the deck.

Different versions of the same slide end up in the same group, making it easy to jump right to the slide you want.

Compare all previous slides for a deck you have open in PowerPoint

With a single click in Reveal, you can rapidly compare versions of slides that you're working on without having to search high and low. Just click the menu to view open presentations and see all your past edits of those slides, even if some of those versions came from product decks and you're working on a sales deck!

Run advanced searches easily

The "advanced search" panel lets you dig into tuning searches if you want to get specific. Search inside a folder, by file name, or narrow your query to a particular year or month.

Compare slide versions with one click

Browse through slides rapidly, finding the exact one you want. Easily see the smallest differences between two slides.

Detect problems before the meeting

Have you ever gone to a meeting only to find out the latest version of your slide deck is corrupted? Bad file copies, cloud sync, or even just bugs can corrupt slide decks. Reveal keeps track of your PowerPoint and Keynote files, giving you a bit of extra protection.

Secure and private

Reveal keeps your documents right where you have them, safe and secure on your computer. Your files, especially your slides, often contain extremely confidential information. You don't need to sign up for an "account" or pay a monthly subscription to use Reveal on your computer.

Who Uses Reveal?

Marketers and graphic designers use Reveal to find and compare slides for analysts, customers, and sales teams. Sales professionals often customize slides for customers, leading to significant slide sprawl--and finding those slides is easy with Reveal. Professors and researchers use Reveal to prepare class lectures and presentations for meetings and conferences.

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